Suggestion regarding decay system and land claim

I think there should be some limit on how much players can build. A “soft” but generous limit. One that is flexible and not oppressive. Three major problems in Conan Exiles are the potential for outrageous sized buildings, the decay system, and the spam that goes on for defense of land claim/abuse. My simplest thought on a solution that works well for everyone (most) is to introduce “Land Claim Banners”. They would come in two sets. Square and Circular. The first one you place adds additional decay time to structures within it’s area of influence. You would have the choice to place additional “Land Claim Banners”. These could give you additional Land Clam area but at a cost. The second “Land Claim Banner” you place might reduce the decay time bonus by half for all of your Land Clam areas. If you place a third “Land Claim Banner” you would receive no decay time bonus. Placing a fourth “Land Claim Banner” might come with negative consequences. The first “Land Claim Banner” might be able to act like a cabinet from Rust, where you are able to store resources to extend or prevent decay, or perhaps slowly repair structures automatically. Upon placing a second Land Claim Banner, this feature might become unavailable. The purpose of this is to reward players for building a single, finished structure… rather than dozens of bases or endless walls. It would not feel restrictive to most players. Guilds would have access to larger “Land Claim Banners”. Solo Players might have access to a unique, smaller “Land Claim Banner” that comes with a slight bonus. Perhaps a solo player using the smallest banner can not be attacked while offline, but also can not damage buildings owned by players who are offline as well.

(Round/Square) Clan Land Claim Banner (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large) -

(Round/Square) Solo Land Claim Banner (Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large) -

I feel like it’s an idea worth exploring.

Worth mentioning. This is just an idea. If anything does not make sense feel free to pick it apart or offer changes that might make sense.

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