Claiming abandoned

May have been suggested, but would love to see a feature where one could claim an abandoned structure instead of destroy it. Fighter thralls and placed pets would not come as accessories :slight_smile: That may be too difficult to code. But being able to rebuild an abandoned damaged structure would be fun. Conan Castle Flip!!! Plus, if there are fighter thralls and pets, part of claiming it would be killing them all off in combat. Also would allow a clan member to leave, and the clan could let the decay timer kick in and that person could claim there castle back if necessary.
Maybe it is recipe you learn, at level 40 or something, so low levels couldn’t just land grab when they logged in.


I’ve seen this mentioned once or twice and I’m still loving the idea. Instead of making the ability based on level or just automatic, how about another option. I was thinking that decayed structures should require a certain degree of repair before anyone can claim them. With higher tier structures requiring more material. That way a building isn’t free, but would cost a whole lot less.

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Like that idea.

Person leaving a server palces signs out in the exile lands, “Hey guys i have nice 1 acre lot with a 4 story main building with 2 outer walls and 1 “greater thrall education room” off to the west. The main castle sits on the west banks of a nice pond for easy fishing access and dipping during un-welcomed visits. Th beautiful Bridge of the Betrayer is in full view across the way. Plenty of wood, resin, bark outside your main gates. Iron just to the Southeast makes for great leasurely farming days. In walking distance of a plethora of wild life for some wild nights just northwest at the Eyelid Lake animal “meat” and greet. Does need some repairs (Hole in the top of the main castle for some reason?), but very roomy and laid out for full on grinding. Will be available in 7 days to first come first serve!”

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I can see it now, The Conan DIY home improvement channel.

Player announcements would be nice, but probably wouldn’t be consistently fine. What if the server announced when structures were entering decay status and it becomes a free for all to claim them.

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i like that for PVP especially. Create conflict zones randomly that way.

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