Recover decayed bases?

I just had this crazy idea… what if we could recover our own decayed bases?

Imagine this situation… your base has decayed and poofed but nobody has claimed that land. What if we could recover the base structure under this circumstance? (not even talking about stored materials or thralls, just the base structure). I see no harm doing that, if some weeks have passed but nobody has claimed that land it should be possible bring the base back from the dead and recover the work.

Any thoughts?

Devs should extend decay time, maybe longer time during holidays. Also, if you recruit others into your clan, they could be tasked with playing during the times your not going to be playing.

It could be tied to the thrall feeding system. In that case the buildings should not decay when thralls are present. After thralls die out of starvation, only then the decay timer would start.

So to prevent base from decaying, the thralls would simply need to be equipped with enough food to last given time period.


I dont see this as a solution for the terrible decay system we have (someone made a poll long time ago and it showed 80% player base reject the 6 days timer). Its more of a “welcome back” feature. For those who quit playing and decide to play again. If nobody built on their old base location they could recover it.

Its a good practice have some welcome back feature, many MMOs worry about this (this is not a MMO but its mostly a online game). People put hundreds hours building their bases, just the thought of going through all this again may be enough to shut down any thoughts about returning after a long break.

People quiting as a result of raids, due to game balance issues, is likely a larger threat than someone going on vacation and the timer running out. (See my other posts concerning build time and encumberance). Not that it’s ok or anything for the current ruin system timer. 2 weeks is a good length of time for vacations. My idea of vacation is playing Conan for 2 straight weeks with my favorite ale in hand. :grin:

And btw, if I demoed your ginormous base after 2 weeks and there was an auto rebuild, I would build a shrine to Crom to keep it from being restored…

Just as an FYI: Imagine how said ‘decayed base’ information would add a lot of data to servers’ strain.

And the decay system is still there for a reason?

  • Why have a retain feature if you could have left decay out of the way?
  • Imagine that it might be annoying if a base popped back up like noone ever needed that space, or well, I know it isn’t fun to lose what you were making, but some people really leave some junk laying around.
  • Maybe it’s a little exploitable continuing on above point.

And even then… re-rendering (as in ‘back to the future’…) -complete- buildings… :thinking:

There might be even more I’m missing, not to be totally negative about your point of view though, as I said I know the circumstances.

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Those are valid points, but do keep in mind this is mostly a online game and online games are only healthy when they are populated, thats why many games offer some kind of welcome back incentives and give old players a reason to try them again, even if they have no new content to offer.

I would rather see a base pop back up than an empty server.

While I want something done about the decay, I don’t think this is it. But let me try a few questions…

What constitutes “no-one has claimed the land” ? I suppose it’s something like there’s no clash of land claim whatsoever - but that a bit opaque, isn’t it? By which I mean “hard to see” for players. How does my neighbors know they didn’t accidentally “claim” my land (assuming they wanted to let me come back in a few weeks)?

Having the base stay on the server in some form defeats the purpose of the decay system in the first place, which is why bases don’t slowly turn into ruins over time (which would be a much more organic and immersive feature).

I do see the point of some kind of “welcome back” package, Funcom is trying their version of that with the 4x XP on PVP servers right now.

The ruins thing is something I like to do. I’ll wander around and look at raided bases and abandoned bases. I do feel that it is necessary to remove them at some point but it does give that feel of rising and falling empires. And it gives the players places to fight in or in the wild during pvp.

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