Base Overrun, Purge overhaul

Ever have a player on your server who built a truley impressive base, and for whatever reason stopped logging in?

What if when a Purge broke into a base, the base could become overrun. If a base was abandoned, it would become overrun. By overrun I mean that thrall camps start to spawn, and the thralls turn abandoned t3 bases that existed for x amount of time before abandonment, into dynamic server unique dungeons.

Spark notes version:

Thralls take over abandoned bases
Cool right?


Yep it’s a cool (and very old) idea. I still think it’d be awesome, so have an upvote.

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I have not heard this suggestion before. So as my first exposure to this my reaction is, to quote Phillip J Fry, “Take my money!”

npc for every 10 building pieces? its cool but id rather the decay worked w it.

Completely agree, decay still needs to exist but this would be a more enjoyable/dynamic pretense to it Also, decay should apply to structures like Map rooms, and public roads (my server has them, doesnt yours?).

overrunning should apply to bases where beds/bedrolls are located.

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