Let us battle, or claim, abandoned thralls and pets

In Ark, and Atlas, the fun thing about finding an abandoned base, was the ability to take from it what we wanted. It’s like finding a random loot chest.

Not long ago, I lured Rotbranch to a spot where a lot of abandoned thralls were standing. He killed a few, and I took their stuff. Now, when I take him there, they never die. I watched an abandoned thrall, and 4 of the blue glowing skeletons do battle for a half hour. Neither of them had any damage after a half hour.

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Let us knock out and break abandoned thralls.

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This is PvE-C that I am talking about, but it would also apply to PvE.

PvE in ARK was quite fun to explore, and keep tabs on bases, because Dinos became claimable after a set period of abandonment, if they did not starve first. They would disappear after a set period of being claimable, but not being claimed. So it was fun to demolish the base, but what people were really after, were the rare Dinos, or exceptionally good Dinos. What was in the base was good too, but the Dinos were more sought after.

I agree with the guy above…let us knock them out and put them on our wheel…but let us take items away from them when they are knocked out…or let them come out od the wheel with what they went into it with.

It adds to the fun, and the loot aspect of the game. For instance, I was able to get this guy’s abandoned thrall killed by a boss…and I got the sword of Crom off it. This was like winning the lottery. It made the game more fun for me.

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Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just farm the stuff yourself instead of hoping a base decays or gets abandoned?

With that mentality, why even raid at all?

I like the knock out and re thrall idea. It still requires work and id say its still rp compatible

Why not do both? You are traveling around the map, and just happen across a decayed base, and so you get to see what is available. Maybe you get nothing, and maybe you get something.

It also creates some competition. What if the base decays during PvP houses on PvE-C? So people have seen the timer, and know when it will decay, and several people show up to try to get something. Maybe you all agree to split the loot, or maybe a clan with several guys are there, and they want to fight over it.

What is boring is not being able to interact with it.

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Since it is PvE-C, there is no raiding. And we are only talking about abandoned bases and thralls.

Its a shame the feeding system isnt in the game anymore.

I am well aware that I am propably one of the very few who loved it mainly because you couldn’t just have a bazillion Thralls everywhere and they died quickly after not being fed.

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That’s normally the case in survival games, but in many of them, they take that too far, to the point that you are always stressed about food for them, and you can’t take a small break from the game. Oh, going on vacation for a week? Well, when you get back, your pets and NPCs will be dead from starvation.

ARK I hated this on official. You can’t relax until you are into TEK, and have the refrigerated feeding trough. I will say this, however…I loved the way ARK allowed you to see…SEE…the range of things like feeding troughs. I also loved how items and you were about to place, were opaque, so you could see exactly where it is lining up. So many times I go to place something here, especially the big water fountain…not big well…and I think it will be lined up with the wall behind it, only to see that it is NOT. And they don’t let you pick it up once placed. I wouldn’t mind this, IF you could pick it back up. Same with the Altars. So hard to see if you are placing it just right, and most of the time it is not exactly where you want it. Maybe not as big of a deal on PvP, but in PvE, you build for aesthetics. I hate that survival games always treat PvE as an afterthought.

Anyway, back on topic, it just seems like it is hard to find that perfect balance where feeding your living things, is enhancing to the game, and does not carry it way too far, to the point of becoming one of your primary tasks in the game.

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