Abandoned Thralls/Pets and a suggestion for Official PvP


I play Official pvp, NA, ps4.

Suggestion: Have pets and fighter/archers on constant agro and not just during raid hours.

Suggestion: When a base/feeder is demolished because it exceeded it’s decay timer, have all pets and thralls in the claim/service area also despawn regardless of food inventory.

Suggestion: Remote, that is, not within a claim area, pets/thralls have a decay timer one week (gives owning player some time to resupply them)regardless of the amount of food in their inventory unless within the range of a feeder. Or, just don’t allow pets/thralls to be placed outside of your claim area.

Suggestion: Apply gravity to thralls/pets placed on structures above the ground so that when they are demolished/decayed they fall to the ground.

Suggestion: be able to truncheon player owned fighter/archer thralls to kidnap them. This would put them in agro, obviously. The capturing player could then break them on their own wheel or hold them for 3(gives original owner time to get on the game imo) days in a cage for ransom.

These suggestions are due to the many encounters I have had with large groups of floating, abandoned pets/thralls that are more of a nuisance than a challenge when trying to establish a camp/workshop on land no longer claimed by the disinterested “alphas” that have moved on. It would also make trolling harvesters a bit more of an investment as well as presenting more tactical challenges to looters/raiders being able to scout a base outside of raid hours.

I appreciate your time reading this.


These are brilliant ideas. I really hope a dev sees them. I think all CE players have experienced some if not all the problems listed and these solutions would help with many things. Server lag due to too many pets, make players think before just randomly leaving pets all over the map, or at least take these abandoned pets out of the way when new players come along.

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