Enable decay on own land

Make an option for your own landclaim so that you wont refresh the decay rate.

Have big base, was raided for 8 hrs straight (private server). I cannot possiblly repair it. So im forced to stay away and ask the admin to go by and decay it once the timer is up so i can rebuild it. But i cant even check the decay timer cause it refreshes. God forbid this happens to my base on the official server. Anyways can we get an option to ignore our own landclaim. Yes i could just tear it down but this is a huge pillar base the took me a week to build and would probably take forever to dismantle eveything. And i know im not the only one who has had this issue.

yes would like the demolish command more readily available plz

ask the admin to use
the shift + ctrl + delete command on your base
Holding shift + ctrl while tapping the delete key will demolish an unwanted base.

But whay demolish to start whit? Or just stay away 8 dayes or let some one from Another clan go chek the time! I dont se the problem?

On a hostile pvp server, your not askin another clan to do jack. Thats why i asked the admin of the private server to do it once it decays. And unfortunatly this is ps4 not pc.

there should be a ps4 equivalent to the demolish hotkeys.
But I don’t know them.
I think your admin could check with other admin, there is an admin discord… but that probably requires a computer also. :frowning:

I was an admin on ps4 before. Im not aware of any.

Yes but even on a pvp server you need to have som frends to. Or some in youre clan can temporaly leav the clan to lock. But still i cant se any reason to demo it in the first plase…

there should but there aint 8[

If i had a pic of my base on my phone i could show u why lol

im forever blowin up noobs “learn and leave sandcastles”. i wish ppl would have enough sense to practice in sp first.

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Yeah make a giant base then dont bother to tear down. My first base is always in 1 of 2 places and they both caves

Lots of people do, but by definition you won’t see those :wink:

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ur sucha sweety 8D

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