There needs to be a "claim" option at abandoned bases

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Especially now that the game is booming, you need to be able to claim destroyed abandoned bases and rebuild them. The game is overbuilt with the new surge of players and trashing abandoned bases is silly. It should be easy to do code wise


I like the idea for buildings that the decay timer has run out for. As a server admin for a PVE server, it is annoying as heck to have to change settings whenever I need to get rid of old buildings. I have been half tempted to leave the server on PVP and let everyone figure it out.

But an option to claim bases would solve all of my issues with tearing them down.
And in a PVP server, it could be useful for someone expanding with these abandoned buildings preventing them from doing so.

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if the decay timer has run out, it should let anyone dismantle and get some free resources as reward for cleaning up the map!


@Punky_Chicken absolutely! Not only would it simplify cleaning up abandoned delapidated bases in the game but it would create a living map! Watching bases change hands would be very interesting! It would even give newbies a chance at claiming a sick base right out of the gates!

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