Someone dismantled my structure in a PvE-Conflict server

So new users can’t upload images. Ok.

Well, let me describe it. One of my sandstone structures changed to abandoned. Someone dismantled one of the sandstone structures still owned by me. My entire base collapsed. Even the untouched things like my slave wheel is gone. Someone also broke in and killed me without having a way to get inside. I do not know what is happening.

I thought other players couldn’t destroy other people’s bases here. Even then, why did everything vanish?

If they go into the state of being abandoned, everyone can dismantle them and loot your stuff. You can upload an image by breaking the link e.g. -> imgur. com. We can then put it back together and see the image.


When decay time reaches zero, your building construction is labeled decayed. At this time, anyone can demolish your construction and infiltrate your base and be able to cherry pick your loot.

Decay time is there to promote gameplay and relieve stress on the server population. If the decay time was not there, the server would eventually be flooded with stray buildings.


On the official servers, your building will only last a maximum of 7 days before it decays (if you don’t refrensh it). Once that happens, anyone can blow up your base with a touch.

Did you go longer than a week without touching your base? You need to touch your base in order to reset the decay timer.

Things may change the decay times, depends on the quality of the construction and size of the construction.

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