Pve House destroy no reason


Hello, I play everyday, and tonight my houses are gone. can someone have destroyed them out of frustration because i am too close to them ??

Hey there , if you play on official server , be aware that your buildings have a decay timmer ( depending on the size of your buildings , to a maximum of 168 h , but it might have been less in your case ) and that once the timmer is over ( and you haven’t loged in , or “physically” go to your building in game ) your buildings will enter a decayed state (for a maximum of 24 h ( again depending on the size of your base ) , while the base is in decay state , people can loot it and even destroy it ( but if they destroy it , you should be able to see who did it , if you look in your event log ) , after that 24 h period , your building will just vanish into thin air ! ( to be noted , the same happens to thrall after 2 weeks of having not logged in )

sorry for your losses

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Not all building are 168. I have a catapult that only has 90 on it. I touch everything every 4 days, and still lose stuff.
After 2.1 I lost two entire outposts.

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yes I didn’t say all buildings have 168h , just that this is the maximum ( outside of holidays double timmer of course ) , and that it depends of the base size

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A while back, players used to report that they were losing structures because after server restarts buildings would randomly lose stability.
Have you noticed this happening around server restarts?

Something similar has been happening to me and this is my best bet, but nonetheless it has made me give up building new stuff since I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

I’m on PVE, I’m frequently online, and have lost multiple, massive t3 towers after a foundation would lose stability and just skip changing to abandoned or decayed completely.

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My neighbor in CE just lost his entire base. Said he was in 3 days ago.

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