Building decay abandonment

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Building decay time at 1, I am losing map rooms on map every day, is this correct?

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Player withdrew post

I did both, foundations and on ground. I don’t know if I’m reading old information or not, do I need to use every map room every day to prevent decay state starting?

You should need to refresh 6 to 7 days on official server’s there is another post where some one has similar problems with map rooms but it cleared up after server reset.

here is some screen shots on my server showing map and foundations have the same decay timer.

There seems to be a lot of decay timers being messed up lately. I play on an official server (PVE) as well and my clan and a few other clans on the server have lost bases because of decay yet we are on and have reset our bases two to three times a week (I cannot officially say other clans have as I was not there to witness them actually run to each base) but I have spoken with them via PS4 voice chat. Yet other players are able to destroy them and loot it.

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There are some strange things happening occasionally. Like falling through the world to your death witch thankfully hasn’t happened in a week fortunately our server is no loss on death.

Yes but losing a base with worker thralls and stored items is worse than just dying. Especially when some of the thralls are purge thralls or “rarer” weapons and items.

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Here is log of one of my maps

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@Hugo do you have any suggestions or what other information do you need from @PrinceLucius

Do I need to put in in a building? As in walls roof door, to prevent it being abandoned? I am putting maps rooms around map for others to use, but disappearing really quick still

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Perhaps if you linked it to your base with foundations it would carry your bases decay rate to the map room. Hopefully you will hear from Funcom today.

It is not my map one, it’s my random ones at key places on world map, I.e at sinkhole or volcano

@Narelle do you have any suggestions or know who to ask. Thanks in advance

I read through but then again are these disappearing map-rooms built on foundations and regularly refreshed? In addition, technically, there is a way to cheese the decay timers but I will summon @Larathiel as the master of the decay runners to explain.


when you say building decay time at 1 , do you mean in the server settings ? then you should check the ‘maxbuildingdecaytime’ and look up the number of this variable maybe it’s too short .

on another hand , if you place maprooms by their own on ground with no fundations , they will have a smaller timmer than the max timmer ( 167 h in vanilla settings ) , to increase the timmer build a bed of fundation to host the maproom , with the fundations + maproom , the timmer will have enough building pieces to reach the 167h max (in vanilla settings )

Ah yes, good old decay runners…

When you’re building, it’s important to keep in mind how the game’s database (save file) works with regard to buildings.

  • Each “building” exists as its own record in the game’s database.
  • If a foundation, fence foundation, or pillar is placed freely, without snapping it to another piece of existing construction, it creates a new record in the database, even if it’s only a short distance away from another existing building.
  • If a block is snapped onto a building that already exists, it simply adds-on to that existing building’s database record. Deleting the block that it was snapped to doesn’t change this fact.
  • Building decay timers are processed at the building record level.
  • A given building record’s decay timer is refreshed when a player from the owning clan is with render distance of it for a short while (seconds to minutes depending on how extensive it is, how busy the server is, etc).

What this mean is, if you build a little village by placing each building’s first block directly onto the ground without snapping it to anything else you’ve already built, the game will technically have separate building IDs and decay timers for each one. Provided you only have the one “base” and all parts are within render distance of one another, you’re probably fine. This is also a great way of building when building abandonment is disabled (as it might be in single-player).

Where decay runners come in is when you want to spread out but some parts of your base are either too small or too far flung to have an adequate decay timer. For me, this often happens because as a server admin, I often have public structures for the benefit of players that I might not visit regularly. For example, map rooms at various obelisks nowhere near my base, or a shelter up on Skyfall Ridge for those who want to stay warm while waiting on meteors to fall.

What you do is simply leap-frog foundations out from your base to the location where you want to build at, making certain they are always snapped onto the prior one. An easy way to test this is to have a house with a full timer, build out a few dozen foundations, and destroy all but the last one. Normally a lone foundation would only have 1-hour of time, but when you observe it with your repair hammer, you’ll see it has the same time as your house. This is because it’s on the same building ID in the database.

Anyway, it’s a handy trick for keeping your stuff linked us since it means that you can delete the sandstone runners after you get where you’re going (I usually go back and delete after every few minutes so I don’t freak people out). Even locally it can be handy for big objects like maprooms, animal pens, temples, or fishing ponds. Simply run foundations out from your house to cover a small area at the center of where you want to place the large object, place the pen/wheel/etc. and then delete anything that sticks out from the edges.

Mind you, there’s no guarantee that the maprooms disappearing couldn’t be the result of an actual bug, but this technique can at least help to ensure that building decay isn’t to blame.

Warning: If you use this technique, beware that The Purge will only want to attack the area where the first block of a given Building ID’s database record was placed. This could spell disaster if you build outward from a starter base to a permanent one and then tear-down your original location because you’re unlikely to get any of the purge crafters you’ve been striving for. Ask me how I know. :wink:


Wow, @Narelle was right, this is definitely your thing :+1:.


I also had this strange bug with a short decay time for maprooms: Maproom decay time issues?

But it worked fine after server reboot… I placed another maproom at the forst temple (also newly build foundations) and this one worked without any problems.

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@Larathiel thanks for the help appreciate it.


So to prevent my map room disappearing I need to connect foundations from my jungle base to frost temple or log in every day and use every map room once?

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