Building don't decay & always show max time?

I have a server i have locked to public until the 3.0 release.
A few of my friends came on to mess around with a build for fun, as I was building up the server with map rooms ect. (that was 2 months ago) they were all are in separate clans, and have not logged in since.
I figured since decay was on, the builds would naturally take care of themselves so I just left them.
I came across one today and checked to see if all 3 of the builds were still standing, and they were. Not sure why because the decay timer was left at default and is defiantly switched ON. Anyone know what the reason could be?

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Ok disable building decay must be unchecked. Building decay time multiplier 1.0 . I am on a official at the moment if that does not help I could login to my server. @ill-fated and double check settings.

Ok so u see abandonment
Disable building abandonment= false (not checked)
Building decay time multipleier = 1.0
So I’m not sure what’s going on🤷

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I0 can login to my server later and send you a screen shot. You might want to go on Gportal site and see if there is something overriding what you see in game Gportal can be a pain

Here is a screen shot of settings on my server things are definitely decaying. If you don’t see something to fix it must be on Gportal site issue.

With the settings as pictured on my server decay is definitely checked on players bases timers very
I had to replace 8 or 9 community map rooms and three of 5 way stations leading in from desert yesterday. I should have got back sooner :sleepy:. @ill-fated

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