Question about building decay

Is it an intentional game design that if you have building decay disabled then re-enable decay all past structures will be destroyed or a bug?

I don’t think its a bug per say, but instead something that the coder have not considered.

I believe that when you disable building decay, you just tell to the game that buildings shouldn’t be destroyed when they decay timer reaches 0, instead of freezing the timer. So, the game will still save the information that a building reached 0 but just won’t destroy it, and then when you re-active building decay, that structure that had a value of 0 will be destroyed.

To prevent that, you should make sure that all you constructions aren’t decayed, use the Admin Teleport to do so faster.

Well my server had decay enabled but for some reason all the settings got reset to default so decay was disabled and by the time I noticed it was too late since almost everyone structures would be destroyed if I re enable it.

Oh, Well, then I dont know about that, man. I enable and re-enable decay in my single player game and its fine. Never heard of such a thing, can`t help you there.

I am in the same position as Papabear2009. The ‘Disable Building Decay’ setting was toggled on at some point. It was some time before I noticed the change.

I was aware of this issue beforehand, and backed up the served before enabling building decay. The result was that many player buildings were destroyed. Those which remained were flagged as ‘decayed’.

I hope that this is fixed in the near future.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Building decay must have been disabled for several weeks.
  2. Turn on building decay.
  3. Watch as various structures crumble and the remaining ones enter a state of decay.

I had building decay off because my private server was pve and password locked, i recently attempted changing it to a pve-conflict style server, opened it up to folks, took out the password etc… in the midst of those changes the disable building abandonment toggle got turned off somehow – not sure if it just did it on it’s own or if i did it as part of the changes, but in any case, many building or building parts like crafting stations and doors disappeared, in one case of a large buiding i hadnt visited in a few days the entire building was gone! I disabled building abandonment and reset the server back using one of the earlier backups, but i just didnt have a backup that was far enough back in time to save all the missing stuff. I had no idea that building decay getting turned on would apply accumulated decay! I also don’t understand the meaning of some of the building decay settings such as:

BuildingDecayTimePerScore=5400.000000 — what score?
BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier=10.000000 — which direction slows decay?
DecayCleanupTimeMultiplier=2.000000 — what is cleanup?
DecayBonusTimeRate=600.000000 — i have no idea what this means…

also i keep trying to disable buiding decay but it does not seem to register in the serversettings.ini file. does the ‘disable building abandonment’ setting in the admin server settings panel not relate to building decay?

do you suppose it would be nice of the devs to give us more of a heads-up than just, we’re “instituting these changes” without any really helpful explanation or warning of how the changes will affect WEEKS and MONTHS of hard work???

I dont’ consider my server to be a temporary server or ‘test’ server, my folks trust me to look out for the hard work they’ve put in also, losing buildings and the hard work of many hours is extremely discouraging – to the point of them losing interest in playing the game all together…just saying.

Kind of surprised haven’t gotten a response about this from a community manager or dev about this. Because I would like to know if this type of issue will be worked on or do I have to tell my server to just bite the bullet so we can turn on decay. Sooner or later my server gonna start lagging bad. Would be nice if the default setting on gportal didn’t have decay turned off.

It’s not intended, we’re going to fix it so people can turn on decay without it causing everything to be destroyed.

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Thank you for the very quick response! You da best!

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Hey, what about Thrall healing? This is a huge part of the game and since they are a 1 shot to pretty much everything I find the game getting a little bit boring. This should be number 1 on your list to fix. Was it not supposed to be fixed already? …

I believe this one to be already fixed internally. But you should know that we work in different branches on different issues.

A quick simplified example:
Live - Stable - Test - Development

Live and Stable would be the current console/pc versions, where we do absolutely no risky changes and try to avoid touching at all. Any critical hotfix we have to come out with will go here.

Test is where we work on stabilizing a version for going live, making sure all of the fixes that have come in have not negatively impacted any other parts of the game. Some critical bug fixing can also happen here.

Development is where we do any changes and fixes that are too risky to go out in the above mentioned branches.

Likely the healing npc’s fix is in the Development branch right now. Although it is a critical issue to resolve, it is not preventing people from being able to play the game. Depending on its risk-factor it might be individually raised into the Test branch for faster release time though. I would have to look into it.

This development cycle means that you’ll see several smaller patches with some critical issues and crash fixes come out, and then a big patch fixing a lot of issues at once when we do a big merge from Development to Test, and this eventually reaches Live/Stable.

mhmm, so your saying that the big issues in the game will be solved last? why would a worker say that it would be done by next week last week? I was really hoping it would be done by the long weekend but I guess it won’t be? correct me if I’m wrong please

No, we’re talking about different levels of “big issues”. I have another category or two above what you would call a big issue. While you might be playing just fine, and your biggest problem is Thralls not healing, there might be a lot of other players who are struggling to even start the game (as an example, not saying that it’s happening :slight_smile: ).

So within regular gameplay issues there are definitely different degrees, and I agree that thralls not healing is a very big issue. Which would qualify it for a serious consideration for fast-tracking it to an early patch, which is why I said I would look into it. But there are risks involved, and there are bigger issues to focus on. So I can’t guarantee an instant fix.
But that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring any issue.

It’s unfortunately not plausbile to give you the full insight into the workings going on while we’re fixing things. So you either have to trust me, or not, when I’m saying we’re trying to do the overall best decisions for the game as we can.

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So do you truthfully think it will be fixed by the end of the weekend? I appreciate you replying to me btw.

I was swimming by a building today that suddenly vanished. All dude’s stuff just turned into loot bags.

I really hope this is fixed soon. Map clearing is wearing me down. Twice I turned it on with the settings all the way out for when decay would set in. Players check their home with a hammer to see if it is working and the whole structure collapses. had to roll back the server both times to get their structures back. I have it set right because it used to work back in the beginning.

oh thank you Scooper! I’ll leave building decay turned off until you guys let us know it’s fixed - ty! ty! :smiley:

Lost all my buildings twice now its turned off.
Bug after bug,reminds me of games still in beta!!!

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