Buildings decaying steadily while decay is turned off

Game mode:Online private
Type of issue:Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU


since the last update, my high tier buildings (black ice) decay although the decay is turned off. Over one day, already massive damage is caused. After 3-5 days, a large fortress is losing massive parts of its structure.
Thralls and pets, inventory, temples, etc. placed upon are simply lost.
Repair is possible, but the problem simply re-appears.
Other sources, such as purge, player building damage, etc. are also turned off. No source for decay, but the game gives a sh…
Whole vertical lines of building structure are simply affected at once as if hit by a virus - and disappear.
Re-install of an elder backup and wipe of server files do not help.
I am tired of repairing… :weary::tired_face:

Tried to upload some screenshots to confirm, but new users cannot upload something… :roll_eyes::unamused:
Well, guys, just guess why new users appear - they may want to report such bugs and problems.

As it is now, the game is not playable.

I have stored a game file and will check if this bug disappears.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Probably stability bug

Just throwing out another couple of possibilities:

If you have built where starmetal meteors fall then it’s possible that your buildings are being hit by these and damaged.

Also you list your server as private online -could it be mods you are using are causing problems with stability upon server resets. Is anyone else on the server also experiencing problems with their buildings?


Thanks for the comments and your help.

Yes, it’s a private dedicated server.

Other players experience this, too.

Do meteorites damage buildings? It is most heavy in this zone, true.
Can this be switched off?

However, how can this explain that base tiles disappear, where the roofs are undamaged?
Buildings outside this zone are affected, too.

Also strange: it always starts 30min subsequent to server restart…

And tiles that have been damaged during purges regain the damage after some time, no matter if there are purges are disabled. Damage of the same building tiles simply re-appears, no matter how often they repaired.

Building tiles can have a stability of, e.g. 68.44% also displaying decay time: -

If you have further ideas, you are most welcome!!
cheers, Horrido

… and MODs, yes, we use a lvl MOD by Kerozard.

Problem is, if I switch it off, I cannot enter…

Make a backup of your database/server. (!!!)

Use Pippi to set everyone to level 60 if they were above.

Disable Pippi and Kerozard.

Check your above mentioned building issues again.

Okay, it’s partly the meteors… witnessed an impact with the meteorite lying on the ground.

Obviously, the position of meteor showers was changed during one of the recent updates, so that now, my fortress is hit, although it wasn’t before in months. :grimacing::unamused:
Update of today didn’t change this.
Tuning down building damage to 0.1 is also not enough… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I will try if 0.0 bulding damage works…

The problem with re-appearing damage at places of a previous purge impact persists though. No matter if I have MODs turned on or off.

For all who experience the same problem - and who can influence the settings on their server:

If you set the command BuildingDamageMultiplier=0.000100 in your serversettings.ini file, the damage of meteors is tuned down to the point, where only torches and other small stuff with low HPs are destroyed.

Building tiles remain, eg. at 69.999 of 70.000

So, at least on private dedicated servers, this issue can be somehow handled without just losing the bases in the zone of meteor showers.

Sigh :no_mouth::partying_face::upside_down_face::wink:

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before change in the serversettings.ini

and after the settings change - no more walls torn down…

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I can’t help solve you problem because I don’t know how mods could interact causing conflicts with the disabled decay system.

But I can tell you one thing:

I assure you YES. I play on an official PvE-Conflict server and I had to rebuild my outpost in a place protected by a hill to prevent this after losing my outpost several time in a week.

It seems meteors little changed their possible trajectories since one of the last updates (that outpost of our clan was there without a scratch since 3 months), so now the area near the obelisk near Frost Temple is now risky to build large structures.

A big main base near of my outpost was almost destroyed when hitted by 3 meteors at the same time too.

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