Building abandonment issues


Im having problems activating building abandonment on my server.
When ever I activate and save it takes a few moments and all the buildings on the server explode and disapear.

As a side note if anyone know how to make Time restricted PvP work on a PvE server It would be awesome.

Seen ti have found answers to building abandonment.

From what Iv gathered, abandonment is allways “on” even when disabled. So if you turn it “on” on a 5 day old server. The buildings will simply instant decay.
Can anyone confirm this?

Same here on my server.
Tried to look into the Database where the Decay Time is… but didn’t found anything.
Funcom should provide a solution as soon as possible here.

All I know is I was standing right in front of my house and when I changed the settings POOF my house went down right before my eyes. LOST a ton of stuff. So yea its an issue that needs to be fixed asap

Have this similar issue on my private server too. Decay setting was disabled by default on server and when I re enabled it a few days later all structures were destroyed.

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