Structure Decay settings on dedicated server, and does PvP v. PvE settings make any differance?

Yesterday I changed my dedicated server to PvP and configured it very similar to the official PvE conflict servers. Today when I logged in one of my structures was MISSING (except for my thrall army - some of whom are hanging in midair where the building used to be) another structure’s crafting stations and doors had all disappeared, other structures were fine. Upon checking my config file i realised that the DisableBuildingAbandonment=True command was missing. I attempted to put it in, but I can’t. I put it in, save it, and it disappears again.
So my question is, is there a link between making a server PvP and forced building decay?

Ok so now I’m just confused. I changed the server back to PvE, still couldn’t put “disablebuildingabandonment=true” into the serversettings.ini file. However, when I went into the game and checked the server settings, “Disable Building Abandonment” was ticked. [The explanation of the setting that pops us says, “If flagged, disables decay on buildings over time.”]
Looking back at my serversettings.ini file I could not find ANY command that reflected that building decay was turned off… PLEASE HELP!!!

also if you (funcom) could give some direction on what these commands mean it would be much appreciated:


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