Decay activation broke all bases

Dear Funcom,

Our Server has a Disabled Decay timer, i did like to activate it because it was getting laggy and the old stuf should get removed. After activating it, a lot of bases disappeared… and the chat exploded. Lucky that i did a backup before. Now, how can that happen that in used bases the decay did broke everything?

Is the system broken?

Do you have a solution for me to activate it, but the live bases shouldn’t be touch’d


seems they forgot to stop the decay timer while decay was disabled. as soon as you turned it on everything was already at 0 and thus sploded

really need a fix for that… is there anything known to work?

Why doesn’t Funcom answer? Please we need a fix asap, cause the server starts lagging.

I am having the opposite problem as you, we edited our decay timers to be lower and our server is laging now because of it. We even went as far as to turn the decay off but now we are boned, lag city.

I had the same problem as you have,

I don’t have a fix for you but i do have a workaround:

  1. First make a backup
  2. change BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier=1.000000 to max
  3. Turn decay on.
  4. Everyone will still be there
  5. Lower BuildingDecayTimeMultiplier each day till you at a value that you like.

Thanks for that Workaround, but thats not a solution. I wish to decide the exact time, and not by testing it over weeks.

Yes please fix this issue. When I enabled Decay timer every building on the server explodes.

Hey, guys. I’m sorry you’re having this issue when you activate abandonment on your servers. I’ve let the developers know about it so they can troubleshoot why this is happening and how to fix it. Hopefully we’ll have more information about it soon.

So, this just happed to our server as well! This SERIOUSLY needs fixing!

We had players cannot destroy buildings setting on. Perhaps that is the reason things are being destroyed when decay is activated?

In any case, I did some testing. Turns out only our building was destroyed (from what I can tell) when I enabled the setting via the ingame server menu. I then teleport around the map to where I know other people have buildings, and these are still standing.
HOWEVER, their decay timer is much lower than it sound be. It should have started at 360 hours, but some of them are at 150 hours left. Why is that?

Is there a way to reset all buildings counters up to max?

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