Decay timer // Reset issue

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:


I lost a part of my base because of decay today, what I"ve just visited a few hours before this happened, so the reset counter does not work correctly. (It was working fine for the rest of the base.)

The same bug happened with another guy too on the server (1042), so I guess it’s not a unique case.

Please forward the issue to the proper team!

Thank you in advance!

Best regards…

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That mean your base have 2 or more timers.If your build all on one foundation-timer will be one.Dont matter is you later remove some foundations and all looks as separate buildings.Second-timer not refresh same moment when you log on.You need press TAB and look .Sometimes you need wait couple minutes.So i think this not a bug

Okay, let’s call this to a “feature” if it fits you better this way… However the other guy f.e., who I’ve mentioned, left because of this. (His base got fully sacked.)

I’m sorry but can’t see the reason to keep this “feature” like this. For example not every bases look the same, can have close parts, what haven’t been connected. In this case why you wanna force people to stay minutes for each part to check when the reset is ready for them? Some of the owners of these base maybe wanna take some break, but don’t wanna lose their base(s). Why would keep them logged in for minutes if they just wanna reset the decay counter fast (else they wanna run back to work, family, etc. , because don’t have more time that moment).

I’m open of course if you have any logical reason for it. :slight_smile:

You not understand me.Its not featurre.Some servers have to many buildings and other stuff and working slower.If you try log on on server 1040 you need 3-5 minutes to fully load all.Or teleport to another location-same problem.

I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense.

  1. We can connect this issue with the server lag, but actually never happened with me on 1040, where the login is really much slower, compares with the 1042, where the issue happened with at least 2 players.

  2. Anyway I used to check all of my bases and outposts at least twice per week and surely stay there around for a few minutes. Rarely(!) I realize that some things loading slowly, of course I surely wait a bit more in such cases.

  3. Even if the reason is what you said, it’s still an issue what needs to be handle, according to my example above. Max. you can connect it with a bigger issue, regarding the server performances.

Simple many bugs exist from first days and still not patched.Server lag is so different.I have timer refresh lag couple minutes on almost empty server and in full server almost couple seconds.I just say you possible reason why you lose buildings.Maybe this-maybe not.But for safety i recommend build on one foundation to get one timer.Easy to check,easy to refresh.If you like go different way-up to you

Okay, that’s a good advice, what actually can be a point in mean how to avoid an existing bug (or whatever), but to solve an issue needs to report it.

Your point actually outline a possible -termporary- solution in my eyes for bugs what “exist from first days” . Can add for example load screen tips like “don’t forget to check the decay counter with TAB or repairing hammer” and/or a bit more detailed message about bad element status before log out, etc.

These kind of features can be added easily. However I’m not part of the developer team… Just a simple player who wanna report an issue…

If you look on loading screens you see old tips.Some updates change situation but nobody change loading screens advices.I reporting some bugs-but again no answers.So my temporary solution can be usefull long time

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had a similar situation on 6101 official pvp. a storage base that we’ve used for probably 6 months decayed even though the timer was reset a couple of days ago.
even though its a small base it has always reset to the full 7 days. on official pvp the second a base decays there will be someone there to loot it. possibly a bug or exploit to force decay?

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This HAS to be fixed, I just lost EVERYTHING in my base due to this stupid crap. I have spent 400 hours on this game getting my base set up and now POOF all gone i lost every &%^%^ THING this is BS!!! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!

I have spent way to much money on these DLC’s for nothing to be done when we have issues.

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