Buildings no longer decay (Timer is everytime on 168h)

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Buildings no decay
Region: EU

I noticed that the buildings on official servers no longer decay. The timer always stays at 168 hours. For example, I saw that several clans are no longer online, but the timer still stays up. This has been the case since the last update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Look for the fail
  2. Make a new Update

Hello @Dejo707, are you aware if any of these structures have buildings from other players nearby?

Could you share a short clip of a structure that has its decay timer stuck, including its surroundings?

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If this is true and they aren’t renewing the timer themselves or with help.
It sounds like it’s an isolated occurrence.
On the Official Servers I play on the structures are decaying/need renewal as per design.

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I play to the same server with zeb and i confirm the decay state. Today i found a structure decayed and i send a photo to the owner. The owner was online yesterday, but maybe he/she didn’t visit volcano for long time so the structure decayed. So, decay works fine, maybe something else is going on here.

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