Map Room Uber short decay timer?

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Misc
Region: Jungle Biome

I’ve tried to look around the forums and even google and the gist of what I found was that Building stuff decays about 7+ days (all info very inconsistent) So I am on an official server and have been quite active on it and I have 2 bases (One in the North and one in the East). Now I wasnt on yesterday because my group decided to take a day off to play another game and we came back on today and found our map room from base 2 (In the Jungle Biome in the East) wasnt there. So after looking around and realizing that there is an event log I was able to find out that the Map Room decayed and was destroyed. Now i know for 100% that I used the map room the day before I took my 1 day break. My Question or concern is, What is the actual decay timer and how can I prevent my other map room or future map rooms from having this issue? Because if less then 48 hour decay timer is what the map room has, it seems kind of annoying to even invest in.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Every placeable you build has a value that influences the decay timer. I am not sure the values, only building pieces used to influence the timer.
This is why if you really wanted a animal pin or thrall wheel to stay, you had to build a base (or at least a few extra foundations).

I have a big area enclosed by walls and foundations around the map room. I didnt have any foundations or anything underneath the map room as I was just using the terrain as the base since it was a flat surface. At my other base my map room is sitting on a bunch of sandstone ceilings and I think 1 foundation to hold the ceilings together. Does that mean an item place on the foundation will have a longer decay timer?

Yes, on foundations, connected with as many pieces as possible.

If it sits on the ground its not connected at all, and the maproom may decay but the base surrouding it will not.

Yes in general it will.
It also depends if the game will recognise objects as part of the same structure/base and therefore calculate the decay timer for the structure and assign that time to each piece…even if the piece is on the ground and not on the same plane as the structure and hasn’t been on something that is or was snap-linked to the larger structure.

… for example I was replacing a small house next to some fishing traps with a larger building to the west of it. For a while the fishing traps had their decay time set by the first smaller building then about half of them changed to share the decay timer of the larger new building.

My advice is to always equip a repair hammer and look at the items you place to check what the decay timer is …

Then I’ll just place foundations for next map room, hopefully it wont happen again. Been hesitant on making a new one because of it happening. Weird thing is that the Animal Pen that’s built just a few feet from where the map room was is still fine. But thank you.

A good building habit is to use foundations for anything you build.

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