Stuff decaying faster than it should

we had a map room that we used daily but yet it entered decay state than auto demolished but yet we use it all the time!!! here’s some screen shots 20200221_094836|375x500

screen shots of event log

Was it placed directly on the ground or did you have foundations under it? Any building near by?

Hello @Arch_Angel795, in addition to Wak4863’s questions, did you actively check the map room’s decay timer?

Did this occur after the server restart?

Will provide short but effective answer:

Build some buildings under it, like (minimum) 3x3 foundations (or otherwise you have to same problem).
Grab your repair hammer to check what the decay timer is.

it was on the ground nothing beneath it I placed it to replace the one that had decayed on the morning and later that afternoon like say 5 hours later i go to use it and the thing was in decay state now since i placed some blocks under it (picked up to place blocks) I have had no issues

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Thank you for clarifying, placing it over foundations will have it share the decay timer bonus for all connected pieces, while if it’s simply placed on the ground, the decay timer will be much shorter.

To read more about it:

Maybe @Wak4863 could make a video about the decay system, how to check (hammer) and how to get the max?
Many people dont anything about the decay system…

PS.: And if there isnt a video that shows all entries to the volcano, maybe you could also make one? Would have helped me alot in the past, but new players are coming anyway and they could use such help.


This video is already linked on the wiki page but if you miss it or gloss over it I figured I would place a direct link here. It does cover the questions stated above.

As far as a video with all entrances to the Volcano I will put it on the list for something to do in the future @jot29 Thanks for the idea.


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