Bug or am I missing something?

Game mode: online - Official Server 3746
Problem: Map Room Decayed in two days???
Region: America

I must be missing something or there is a bug. There are map rooms I’ve seen out for ever. Then I place a maproom and come back the next day or two and it’s gone. Log says “decayed” WTF?!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place map room near Shattered Springs. SE Corner of C8

Comeback a day or two later and it’s gone.

Not a bug although the timer may not be as intended. everything has a decay timer. A map all by itself has a 24 hour timer maybe. Other building pieces add time to the decay timer. That’s why most maps you see are on platforms of some kind or near a building. Build a repair hammer and check the time before thinking it will be there when you return.

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Actually, a map room by itself has 1 hour decay timer. :frowning:

I knew it was short but, 1 hour? Holy smokes!

Didn’t even know there was a timer for them. We’ve had a map room at two of our bases for weeks without problems. However, they’re built on foundations. So, I guess that’s the kicker right there. Making foundations now. Lol.

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