Map Room lost...bug?

Game mode: Online | PVE (Server 3017)
Problem: Bug
Region: Germany

Hey dear support

A few days ago I finally built a Map room and left the game. After 2 days I logged in and the map room wasnt there anymore. :frowning:
Between the built of the map room and the relog was the update. Before yesterday?

Is it a bug? Did I do anything wrong? My account in the game is the same as here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Was it placed on a foundation? And/or very near to your base? Could’ve been the decay timer… Had it happen myself, even though it was very near to the other parts of my base… Since then, ive placed them on foundations. Havent lost one since :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I havent placed it on foundations. Is this a problem? And its near my house…mybe 10 blocks away.

Do buildings disappear if not built on a foundation?

Well, it can be the problem, because that sounds just like what happened to us…
I suspect the game registers the map room as a “floating object”, I think it’s been called, in that it’s not directly connected to the rest of your base, and so (since it’s also technically furniture) it has a shorter decay timer… Hence, it disappears quite quickly…

I’m not sure this is the case though, but it’s what i’ve “agreed with myself” on it being, in my case :slight_smile: can’t see what else it can be really

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i have had a lot of stuff dissaper in the last 2 days. im also on a pie server… says player objects are indestructible… ive had things I’ve just built gone and stuff i built a while ago still there

I built a t3 map room building placed a map. Next day building is there but no map! Wtf?