Map room vanishes?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Logged in after a couple day vacation for the 4th to find my indoor well decayed and the map room in our base disappeared.

Logged in and everything was fine on the 3rd. Log in again on the 6th. Checked event logs like I always do when I log in. See some chests and lights decayed. Think hmm which ones are those. Also see that our normal size well inside has decayed. I go to the room the well was at to see it gone. Happen to glance down our drop while towards where our map room is and it’s gone. Check the event log again to see WTF is up… nothing about a map room in the logs.

Now since our map room was on the first floor and the 6 floors above it use the pillars placed around the map room as support I can’t drop the pillars and redrop the map room. So now I have a massive void on the first floor of our keep.

Keep in mind the entire base is made out of t3 minus some sandstone trap areas. We also have t3 altars attaches to the base. So beyond the fact there is no event log for it there is no reason it should have just vanished. Nor a reason the well should have decayed. Both have been there for nearly a month now.

I also went to another of our bases which has an even tighter map room setup and found that that map room is just fine.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place map room on circular foundations
  2. Log in after a couple days
  3. Find map room is gone
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Hey @Shinrai

Could you check your event log to see if there is anything in there that could explain this? (loss of stability for instance)

The event log only returns the last 200 items. I’ve had to build a whole other tower to house a new map room. So I can’t go back that far in the event log. I might be able to reduce the range to nearly nothing as most of my new building has been 5 foundations away from the main building.

But the only stability loss I saw besides some chests and lights which were on the map room was the well hanging two foundations above the map room on a ceiling tile which had a log entry for decay.

I also noticed while finishing up another part of my base that 4 walls were missing behind my Ymir temple. Now to be clear they were not right behind the temple. There are pillars across the back of the Ymir temple which were all intact but the 3x3 wall behind that pillar had the bottom left 4 walls missing.

Other than that the base appears to be fine and nothing else I’ve seen so far shows anything else missing. The roof is intact, all the structural pillars are in place. No holes in any levels of the keep.

@Ignasi So I was able to get the event logs for the structures which disappeared. I was on just prior within 24 hours of these events and had used both structures multiple times.

As seen in the Screenshot the Map-Room went from fine to Abandoned at 11:44:31 on the 4th. Said it would decay at 14:43:28 on the 4th. The map room actually decayed at 18:11:44 on the 4th.

The water well went to abandoned at 18:12:32 on the 4th and said it would decay at 21:11:44 on the 4th. It actually decayed at 07:30:45 on the 6th.

All the placeables that were on the map room itself lost stability at 20:22:53 on the 6th when I logged back in.

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