Map rooms disappearing

I was wondering whether anyone else has had any map rooms disappear?

2 map rooms that I’ve placed out in the wild have vanished on me. The 1st one was up by the frost giant cave. I thought, “Okay. It must have been destroyed by a meteor shower.”

The second map room was placed east of the nord towers. I happened to be walking towards this one when it vanished. It was kind of flickering in and out of the game world. Then it completely vanished. It didn’t look like it sank. So I don’t think it’s in the undermesh.

This was on single player, testlive. I have not played official release in a little over a month. So I don’t know if it’s an issue on that version of the game.

Check your event log to see if it has any additional details you can provide.


I’ve never used the event log. I don’t even know where to begin.

So I checked the event log and to me it doesn’t make sense. Both map rooms (E10 and E13) kept switching back and forth between being abandoned and not before finally vanishing. What doesn’t make sense to me is another map room that I placed before both of these, that I hadn’t used since before placing them, hasn’t been abandoned. What I think it was is that neither of the vanished/abandoned map rooms were placed on flat ground. They were both on a bit of an incline.

Thanks for the help Multigun!

Always place your map room on foundations, and use your repair hammer to check the decay timer.

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