The map room has disappeared

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

After a few days, I could finally make a map room. Yesterday I put it on May 19, and today it was not already in the morning. Official EU PVE 3000 server. Help!


I think you have to put it on foundations or close to your base or it will decay :slight_smile:

Lack of any information that the room has been removed by the system like single pillars or foundations. Something is obviously broken. A pity because the game promised to be great.

Yeah check you ‘event log’ in the menu and see if there’s any information about its removal.

No information about the map room.

This happens to me now, I placed the map, just go to sleep and the map dissapear, no damage (out of PVP hours) and we are just 3 people at tribe and no one goes online. Event log says nothing about the map. I just placed without foundations or walls. I dont belibe this bug… please Funcom. Server 1151 PVP Official.

Happed to me also too,
so happy to finish it now gone also wheel of pain in other base I’m very active so decay don’t make sense.