Really making it hard to want to play on an official server

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Misc] map rooms places one less than 2 weeks old other more than 2 weeks both used both now gone someone in the clan is either on everyday or every other day lost 2 pens history says abandoned day before they were fine lost gold rock nose, wondering now if i just wasted money on season 2 purchase.
Region: America server 3503

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I’m not sure I understood everything correctly, but you seem to be having problems with the decay. Did you check the decay timer when you placed the map rooms and pens?


My guess would be you placed these structures unconnected to any other parts of your base (understandable since they’re huge and can be a pain to fit in).

Unfortunately, that will mean they don’t “count as” connected, and will instead have their own very short decay timer (often only a few hours) compared to the full week most bases get.

In other words, basically this:

Just make sure they are on foundations and you actually pass by it everyday myself I build everything within my base or close enough it just registered me there and refreshes my decay timers. Make a walkway of foundation to each thing animal pen or maproom then you just need to log into your base and everything refreshes. Anything you build away from your base say a thrall encampment make sure to stop by everyday just to refresh it decay system it funky at times.

This game is plagued with things randomly decaying even inside a refreshed base so who knows, definately try and place pens on foundations though. See a lot of people make that mistake

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