Server deleted my clans items and structure overnight

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3760

Bug Description:

PVE Server Deleted Structure (Armored Animal Pen with 5 Silver Rocknoses)

Bug Reproduction:

Clan mate built Armored animal pen in an area with no NPC/ animal threats. I placed 5 Silver Rocknoses in the Pen with a stack of stone. I kept playing for a while and went back to check that it was functioning, it was. The clan and I logged out for the night. I logged in today and the Armored Animal Pen and the contents are gone. This all took place in less than a 24 hour period.


Just had 3 large chests lose stability placed yesterday in a t3 newly built base. Lost so much. It’s not right.

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It sounds like your animal pen decayed. Craft a repair hammer in your inventory and inspect a building piece or place-able to check it’s decay timer. Placing an animal pen on foundations will increase it’s timer. You can check your event logs to see what happened to your animal pen. Sorry for your loss.


Thanks for telling me about the event log. I found the events stating that it decayed. It was a brand new animal pen though. What is the decay rate supposed to be if it was placed but not on a foundation?


On foundations decay rates are longer if connected to your base they should be the same as your base. On the other hand have a animal pen on official across the water from main base next to a altar both on the ground that has not decayed yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t be there tomorrow .Good luck to you.

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@Gergie6000 rgie6000
We have all done it,

the decay timer gets everyone, you get busy in real life take a couple days off come back and a structure is missing, the entire base is gone, or if your neighbours are considerate, the door is gone and the place is merely stripped.

Losing an animal pen is getting off lucky for this valuable lesson.
If you haven’t lost items due to the somewhat hidden, but now infamous decay timer mechanic, you haven’t played Conan…

Welcome to the show.

My wife and I have had our own server for years and play official also. Got a message today server map rooms are missing looks like I goofed again not hard to miss one.

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