Official PS4 server #3032 destroying my buildings

Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Just logged onto my character on Official Server #3032 PvE and found that my character’s animal pen had vanished! I checked the event log and found the following entry…
2019.08.25 15.32.43 Animal pen owned by Agnetha has changed decay state to abandoned will decay at 2019.08.25 18.31.44

WHY?? “Abandoned” suggests that I haven’t logged in recently, but the same event log shows that I was active at 2019.08.23 15.45.47. Not only that but I was using the pen to create a pet shaleback.

So in total I’ve lost my animal pen, a free standing torch and a pet shale back for no apparent reason. None of my other buildings have changed decay state. Why just this one and what can be done to get the resources and pet back?
Really hoping someone can help me here as it took quite a while to not only build the thing but also took ages to find a suitably flat enough place for it.

Was the pen built upon foundations?
Free standing things that have not been built onto foundations usually have a much shorter decay time. Even a single foundation does not have the full decay time available, a connected set of several foundations is needed to get the full decay time.
I have been told that being near foundations should also extend the decay timer of free standing items.

Additionally, just being online is not enough, you have to visit your structures to refresh the decay timer of each. Just being online works for refreshing thralls, only.

Conan Exiles is not supported like MMORPGs, it is very unlikely that you’ll get your structures back from an admin as there are no admins on the official servers :frowning:

So, how long was your pen in that location before it vanished? Did you visit it during your last time online?


@Starwalker explained the issue pretty well. In order to check how long you have before your structure decays, craft a repair hammer and inspect the building. On PC, you can use TAB to do the same but I don’t know whether there is a keybind for PS4.

Thanks for the replies. The pen wasn’t built upon foundations, which is probably the root cause of the issue. I was visiting the pen on a very regular basis since I was taming a group of four shalebacks. The pen was located just outside one of the main walls of my main homestead, about half a dozen foundation blocks width away from the outer face of the wall (which btw has the maximum decay rate). It’s just a bit aggravating that the decay timer was ticking down whilst I was actually working in and around the pen’s vicinity!
Sorry I can’t recall exactly how long the pen had been there, but it was definitely less than a week as I had only had time to train and retrieve a Hyena and one of the four Shalebacks that I was rearing.

Anyway, thanks again for the replies, I guess I’ll have to rebuild but this time on a connected slab of foundations.

yeah, the 6 foundations may have just put it outside of binding it to your main base.
My clan and I once got on a server, and while leveling, we ran across an alpha sized base with 5 dump vaults outside. 1 was just out of range, and we decayed and basically inherited a private starter kit lol. and this was when event log wasn’t such a tattle tale.

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