Animal pen disappeared and took my rock noses with it

Game mode: online official server
Problem: My animal pen was there yesterday and is now gone

Ok so I just logged in and the animal pen was just gone. Which it was there yesterday with my silver vain rocknose which by the way took me two weeks to obtain and I was trying for the gold vain rocknose. Anyway I really hate having my hard work and stuff I farm for just taken away out of the blue like this so does anyone know a good way to prevent this or is this a sucks to be you moment and deal with it?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
I have no clue how to reproduce this but if I had to make an educated guess I’d say it has to do with timers not being properly reset when logging in. If this is the case how do you deal with it?

And here is a picture of where the pen was supposed to be when I logged on

Did you check your event log to see what happened? From your picture, it seems like you didn’t place it on foundations, so I suspect it decayed.

The way decay timers work, the more building pieces are connected together and the higher their tier, the higher the decay timer. When you put down a placeable (like a crafting station, or a wheel of pain, or an animal pen), it will share the decay timer with a building only if it’s really, really close to it. Otherwise, its decay timer will be really low.

That’s why the standard advice is to put wheels of pain and animal pens on foundations.


That’s a thing? Wow sucks i have to do that. I made that area of my base suited to not need unnecessary foundation but the thing was it was fine for three months like this why does it do this all of a sudden??

Yep. It’s been a thing for a long, long time now.

That’s why I asked what your event log says. If it’s says that it was abandoned and decayed, then that’s the reason. If not, then the event log info might help narrow down what the reason was.

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Yeah i checked it decayed. But it was fine for months even my neighber does the same with there’s and i checked there pen they got a full week so why the sudden change? On top of that i can’t be the only one who thinks
this is dumb?

That’s a good question. Did you have any clanmates that would hang around while you were offline and so it got refreshed that way? Maybe you used to have something else close to it – giving it a higher decay timer – and then you picked that up or demolished it? I don’t know, I’m just trying to think of possible causes.

You certainly aren’t. Almost everyone who gets bitten by that particular issue expresses the same sentiment. Unfortunately, it’s neither the only nor the biggest thing that doesn’t make sense in Conan Exiles. You just get used to working around stuff like that :man_shrugging:

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Well no i’m a solo player but that area has remained untouched so idk but thank you for info. I just really hate being forced to build a certain way. But it is what it is i just hope they fix it

Sometimes even when the decay timer is full the pens and temples will lose stability for no reason and decay. Have lost 4 temples and 3 pens because of this

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Hello @StarKiller, thank you for reaching out!

Can you share a screenshot of the event log with the decay message?

Did it occur after a server restart or upon you entering the area?
Was the decay timer checked regularly and did it present consistent values?

As others have suggested, it’s ideal to place every structure on top of foundations to ensure that the decay timer is shared between all connected building pieces, which does prevent this issue.

try to connect your complete base at best. on my main official server i have a really big base, but everything is connected thorugh foundation “pathwalks” or bridges so if i log in somewhere in my base, the decay timer from my complete base gets resetted

Seems like a good place to ask. If something decays does it just poof or does it become “demolishable” by any player and remain in that state? I’m on single player so I don’t know if it even matters.

You have a week and on the 8th day your base will say it’s decayed but will still be there for one more day once that day is over is will self destruct but if a player comes by and checks your base with repair hammer and sees that’s it’s decayed on that 8th day he could destroyed it completely with a click of a button

I know this cause I’ve done it on my Official PvE server but stopped when the event log updated to show what happened to the players building … even though building would’ve collapse on its own if the players comeback and sees that I destroyed it he might have a grudge … it’s ok if base collapse on its own but if a player destroys it then returning player gets mad I personally don’t get it but to each there own lol

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