Animal pen missing

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
**Region: NA

My character is on official PVE server 1727. I created an animal pen and put it by a river two days ago, but today when I logged in the game and found the animal pen is missing, as well as the pets inside it. It’s on official PVE server so I expect it cannot be looted by other players, and it was just built 2 days ago so it should not be decayed.

Why could it happen? Is it a bug for that?

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Could you check your event log in-game to see what could’ve happened to the animal pen?

It says its decay state changed to abandoned, and then it became decayed soon. Why would it be abandoned? Does it have to be placed on some fundations?

Individual placeables such as animal pens, wheels of pain, large chests, work benches, fish traps will have a short decay time if they are placed on the ground. They still might not get the maximum time (168 hours on official servers) if placed on foundations … it depends how big the structure is they are placed on and what material is used.
If they are placed on the ground close to another structure (Eg house) the game might recognise them as part of the house and the higher decay timer will be applied to them. BUT it is also possible it doesn’t.
I always check with a repair hammer what the decay time is on anything I place so I know.

An animal pen is very large. Probably putting it on foundations will be enough for the game to assign it the maximum decay timer. If it is not then I suggest making a small house on the foundations as well … Eg walls, roof, door

Thanks for explaining this! I’m always confused about the decay system. Now it’s clearer to me.

I hardly go anywhere without a repair hammer … I’ve rescued my clan-mates fish traps several times before he built them a hut to get a higher timer from.
Also handy if you are running between bases quickly to refresh timers to make sure the game has done it. I had one stubborn sandstorm shelter who’s maximum time was 132 hours and I’d need to stand in it for about a minute before the game refreshed its timer.

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