Armored animal pen dissapeared

Game mode: Online PvP Server
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Username: XAJFam
Server: Official Server #3121 PvP - g-portal
Platform: PS4 PRO

Yesterday, 1-7-2019 at 1pm, my armored animal pen was in good state. Later, at 9pm, it was dissapeared. I checked the event list and there wasn’t any registry about this building, no attacks, no deprecated, nothing… The build was side by side with my base so I don’t understand what happened. Please, help me, this is the second time I have this issue.

Hello @XAJFam, thank you for your submission!

Did you press submit after opening your event log?

Also, did you check the Animal Pen’s decay timer with a repair hammer?


Did you press submit after opening your event log?
yes, I pressed submit with all the checks marked and I checked all the events of the day. I found the actvity related with my character and other players that interacts with my stuff but nothing about the armored animal pen

Did you checked the animal pen decay’s time with a hammer?
I couldn’t because It was dissapeared, anyway if the animal pen’s decay time decreases to 0, i suppose that it will be registered in the event log and i couldn’t found nothing

Thank you for answering!

The issue might be somehow related to the Event Log failing to exhibit if the building either decayed or got destroyed, as such we’ll register this behaviour for the developers to investigate.

Hi Hugo, I think this is not fear. Could be possible that you refund me the resources in order to build a new one armored animal pen?

Apologies but, unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

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