Animal pen building dissapeared

Game mode: Online PvP Server
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Username: XAJFam
Server: Official Server #3121 PvP - g-portal
Platform: PS4 PRO

Two days ago I made my first animal pen building (T2) and I started to feed a pet. Yesterday, when I connected again, the building has dissapeared.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build an animal pet
  2. Start to feed an animal
  3. Disconnect
  4. One day after, connect again

Hello, welcome to the forums!

Did you check the event log or the maximum decay time of the animal pen?

There’s a high chance that the decay timer was either short due to where it was placed, or that it simply was destroyed.


thank you for your support, I didn’t know about the event log.

I checked it and I couldn’t see nothing about this building.

Many thanks!

No problem @XAJFam, please be sure to check the event log should this happen again, immediately after logging in, as it can help determine if the building decayed, got destroyed, or if there was a possible issue.

Also, if the building is not close enough to your other structures, it might have a low decay time, so it’s always a good bet to check the maximum decay time for such structures just to be on the safe side of things.

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