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few minutes ago, reconnecting to replace the animals ready in the enclosure of animals reinforced with puppies caught last night, I notice that the two enclosures of the animals have disappeared, for the second time they fly. the first time we thought someone had destroyed them. but now it seemed strange to us, because we used them until last night at midnight, and we filled them with two cubs of camels, lions, and rocky noses, bought with the gold of the game. Checking the event log it seems that in only 8 hours, the animal enclosures have moved to the state of “degraded” and then abandoned. How can this happen in just 8 hours? we lost a lot of animals and a lot of resources in there, and it’s not the first time that seemingly no reason disappears. we like the game a lot and we are spending many hours on it, but it seems frustrating to connect, and no longer find the things we leave in production at night. I am attaching screenshots of the event log, and I wonder if you could give me any indication why this does not occur. among other things, one of the lions had grown up, and we have lost it irremediably. We thank you for your cooperation and best regards

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Hi, @BioHeaven, and welcome to this forum!

I will try to address you issues without order of importance, but should cover most (if not all) of them:

1: posting links or pictures: since you are new to this forum you do not have the right (yet). If you want, you can upload your screens to Imgur or something similar and then place the link here by altering the url in a manner like: www_somesite_com (replace “.” with something else). Someone will rewrite the url so the pictures will be visible.

2: Decay system: Any standalone item/placable/building has a fairly low decay time if not directly connected (or very near) a base. So it could be that your animal pens were not close enough to the base to share its decay time.
To check: make a repair hammer. When equipped, it will show decay timer of every item you point it to.

3: Currently there is a known issue of placables or parts of building dissapearing or decaying without reason or warning. Devs are aware and working on it.

Also, to clear the decay/bug situation, could you post a screen of where your pens were, relative to your base?


Good evening Meo. first of all thanks for the kind and diligent answer. yes, you guessed it, we are new to both the forum and the game, but we’re quickly getting into all the mechanics that the game hides. below I will post images, both of the event log, and of where the two animal enclosures were located. they weren’t directly connected to the base, but it certainly cannot be said that they were far away, I had mounted them right in front of the entrance. thanks for explaining to me better about the building degradation system, I understood now how to check the state of decay, using the repair hammer. The thing that seems very strange to me is that the two buildings were used until last night at midnight, and when we left, they were both in operation, training puppies. I believe that a building must go into decay when it is not used, is it? you will imagine my regret, I moved out last night and this morning I don’t find anything … according to you, if it were ascertained that it is a bug, could there be a way to recover my buildings and my animals? thanks in advance for availability



for what concerns the position of the two buildings, here is a screen that shows where they were, exactly in place of those two trees … does not seem too far from the base no?



I can not load your image but from experience I have placed an animal pen literally (in game) centimetres outside my base wall and found it to only have >7 hour timer.
Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve these decayed Items once lost however I guess take this as a lesson learnt. Although I understand any early game loss can be tough you will recover and come back stronger.
The way to combat decay issues on standalone items is to build foundations around the placeable or to always build within you wall boundary.
The more items you place the more the timer extends.
Hope that helps although mostly just a repeat of what has already been said.

your screenshots:

The decay timer will count down when owner is not very near. So when you go farming materials, the time will go down. When you return to base, the timer will reset to its max value.

Judging from your last screenshot (indicated location of your pens) and due to the fact that 2 pens dissapeared, I guess at this point there was no bug, but intended decay feature.

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Often the terrain isn’t so regular, try to extend at least one line of foundations from your home and place animal pens over them, usually it works making the pen sharing decay timer of your base.

Or, if you didn’t remapped the button, hold “TAB” on it.

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