Bug constructions are decaying extremely fast

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Server 4513]

[Everything that I build in the server 4513 are decaying extremely fast. In the last seven days I have lost, as decayed in event log, about four Armored Animal Pens and a few of torches. All those buildings I have lost were in my base, they were not abandoned. The last armored pen I lost it was considered decayed and then destroyed just five hours after its construction. So I ran some tests and even the stronger buildings, as are the T3 blocks, they don’t have more than 33 hours until they decay. So I can’t play because I can’t build anything. Please fix this bug!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Building anything with my character in server 4513 Latin America.
2.TulaJi is my username in this server and the name of my character as well.
3.I don’t know if this problem is happening with others in the 4513 server or others.

Welcome to the community @TulaJi

I do know that size matters when the decay timer is concerned. The smaller the base the smaller the decay timer.

My suggestion would be to use the repair hammer to see the decay time as you’re building. Each piece should add time. Different pieces seem to act as a multiplier. So adding walls, ceilings, door frames, and fences should make a difference.

If however you can’t get the building past 33 hours no matter the size then it’s sounds like there are some incorrect settings or something wrong with the server.


Thank you Wak4863 for the welcome and for your suggestions. I did what you said: I built another Animal Pen right in the middle of my main base and I used the repair hammer to see the decay time. All the buildings around it have at least more than 96 hours to start decaying, but the Animal Pen, the last of them to be built, does not get more than two hours and seven minutes. I thing there is something wrong with my character, since my friend, who plays in the same server as mine, has built the same Animal Pen in a smaller base and it has more than 222 hours. I took some print screens to show the problem, but the Forum doesn’t allow new members to index images. I don’t know what I could be doing wrong…

Without seeing the screenshots I can only guess that the distance between your building and the animal pen is too large. An animal pen alone would be considered a single building piece with a short timer.

I would also recommend making a foundation platform for your pen. If possible connect the platform to your base with foundations or get it closer to your building an on a platform. Should solve your problem.

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