Buildings decaying after 2 days

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One of my clanmates didn’t log into the game for 2 days and when he logged in today some of his buildings disappeared and a lot of his stuff is still decaying with the countdown timer going. He’s lost all of his protected torches and 2 of his taming pens. Currently his wheel of pain is set to decay in 6 hours. All of his fish traps are decaying and/or about to decay, too. Obviously the decaying should not happen from 2 days of inactivity. Is there any way to fix that?

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Were these placeables all off on their own away from the main building structures? I’m not super fluent with the decay system (I only know what I know from reading other people posting about it), but my understanding is that the decay will be more aggressive if the placeables aren’t attached or aren’t a part of actual structures.

I’m not sure why the buildings would decay though unless they were like, a secondary base off in the middle of no where and he hadn’t visited that location in a while. But that is key, you can’t simply login and refresh the timer. You have to visit the locations too.

His torches were away from the main house so that’s understandable but the 2 taming pens were right next to the main house. Does it make a difference if the pens are on a foundation or not? He has another base in a different location and has no decay issues. There was a recent purge but it wasn’t at his location.

Yes, quite possibly. The system is a bit…wibbly-wobbly (by which I mean I haven’t fully understood it) where sometimes nearby placeables will be “linked” to the building itself, and other times it won’t. Taming pens are often the victims of this, as they (due to their size) are often placed by themselves (which is why I only keep one of them at my main base and none at the outposts).

place foundations and your timer will be the usual 167 hours, if you Don’t, your placeables will decay in about 1 day.

2 Days is perfect and you should just invite him into your tribe it will fix the problem…

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