This is a serious issue for me on an official server! Decaying buildings

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At least once per day something new of mine becomes abandoned and decays before i log back in later the next day or whenever which was fine with cheaper things but now im losing more expensive things. Please tell theres a fix coming?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just placing structures or things
    2.then logging out until next day
    3.something i placed is set to abandonded

Hello @DrJekyll, welcome to the community!

We’ll need a few additional details in order to provide further assistance, what type of objects are decaying and where are they being placed? Are you checking their decay timer with the repair hammer?

So far its been 2 different tier animal pens, torches I’ve placed and fences. I would place them on the normal ground not on any foundation and shortly after log out and return a few hours later to it being decayed.

Check the decay timer before you log off next time.
Take a screenshot showing decay time.

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