Buildings damaged for no reason

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [NA]

Ive been noticing that my structures are damaged when i log in. With occasional foundations breaking. The latest was a ceiling and foundation that had 100/70k or 100k for foundation and could not repair them.
it is a pvp server however its not during pvp time so…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
no clue its not happening when im active in the server.

Does your event log any anything?

not a thing as if it decayed.

I have noticed when building pieces decay, it lists “ruin system” as the cause.

Well the ones that disappear i believe is a issue with the support temporarely being falsely labled as unstable ad it breaks. The more urgent part of this was the two unrelated pieces that had almost no health couldnt be repaired that just randomly appeared one day when i logged in. I had just been on a few hours ago and it wasnt even close to raid time so.

Ah the old, this only has 100hp bug.
I think its happens when you place blocks and not over time ive had it on servers where damage and decay is off and on official servers.
Its allso impossible to repair it and i have to demolish it and replace it.

yep thats pretty much it. Except Im fairly sure it wasnt like this till recently though…