Missing structure and character "frozen"

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [7-C, NW of Unnamed City]

Official server EU #2014
We were building a small house and a plateforme for our Map room outside the Unnamed City, and when we almost done we decided to log off for a little break, when we relogged in, few parts of boths construction refused to appear wich left lots of part of each building floating in the air.

We were also unnable to move or after few relogs, unnable to interact with storage boxes or seeing thoses parts/pets/lights, our stamina also refuse to change and when we tried to suicide, its stuck in a endless loading, i’ve sucessfully respawned at my main based and everything seems good but once i come back to the spot, the bug come back and still nothing changed, missing building parts, missing pets, missing stamina, and if i relog here, i’m unnable to move again.

I took most of my farmed ressources for theses buildings, i’d love to not loose any of them since its the result of a long hard work

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Building structure
2.Login off for near of 1 hour
3.Login in
4.Being stuck/unloaded structure

Update : It look like the server reset fixed the issue, will see if it’s permanently fixed.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we created a thread on the PC forum to gather all feedback we can:

I have a similar problem on a private xbox server. It’s impossible to interact in any way with some pieces of construction (those of the front façade, from the ground floor to the 1-2 floor). happens with all the structures … foundations, walls, roof, stairs. My character just floats on, jumping / glitching over the buggy pieces. As if they didn’t exist.
Nothing can be placed on these pieces as they sink into the piece. It is as if the piece was not there except for the textures.

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