Decayed after 2.5 hours

Game mode: * Online official
Type of issue: *Bug
Server type: *PvE-Conflict |
Region: ** EU
Hardware: *Xbox One

Bug Description:

Placed a bunch of stables with horses in. Signed off. Signed on next day and all have decayed due to timers. They changed to abandoned 2 and a half hours after I placed them.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to place something for more than 2 hours? Bit of a mad expectation but there you are.

Steps to Reproduce:

Place something on isle of siptah. Sign off overnight. Job done.

same for me with the animal taming completely gone after 4 hours

Exact same timing for me. It went abandoned at 2 and a half and decayed after 4 hours.

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Did you put them on foundations it increases decay timer @Velegon @Egonspencer


Same lost a reinforced animal pen overnight with all food and the animal

did you attach it to any building foundations? decay is cumulative up to a maximum based on how may blocks are connected. Single structures get minimum timer.
use a repair hammer to check the decay time on any piece you place.

That’s not what’s happened here. I also have a separate animal pen and temple as stand alone a and they stayed no

every building piece has a decay timer. it starts depending on the object with only a few hours. with more pieces you build which are connected, the decay timer goes higher up until 168 (7days). so if you build something standing alone it will dacay quickly. is doesnt has to touch, mostly 1meter away works still fine but you can check that with the repair hammer. hold in above the building piece and you see the decay timer.

so best way for a stable is to place in on fundations or make a path of foundations connected to your mainbase andput the stables right next to theese foundations

I think decay timer on a single stable is like 2 hours, always put them on foundations

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