Abandonment System Defies Logic

Game mode: Xbox One Official Server #2502 PvE
Problem: Abandonment System
Region: USA

I’ve had Conan for a while and only started playing legit instead of just building in single player a few days ago and I already regret it. I’ve spent a lot of time farming and doing stuff and I had a decent little base going on, when I decided to move my base from the river to Sepermeru. I moved some of my stuff and had a jaguar and a tier 4 taskmaster taming which was set to take 6+ hours, and I had some stuff to do so I logged off and came back just over six hours later. I didn’t play at all yesterday and I lost nothing. But today I came back after the set time and somehow my wheel of pain, furnace, and animal pen were all set to abandoned and destroyed in less than six hours. What kind of sense does that make?

Did you have foundations???

Pro Tip: Always ALWAYS carry a repair hammer to check the timers on anything you place.

Yes I had foundations at both base spots.

If it makes any difference, the forge and wheel of pain were at the new base where I logged out and the animal pen was at my old one.

from the story you just post that only happens when you don’t put enough foundations down or when someone just plops workbenches/stuff right on the ground.

Sorry for all your loses but really get a repair hammer. the lowest wooden one is fine for what you need it for.

Wait so if I don’t build everything on a foundation it’ll decay even if it’s right beside my house?

Depends on what it is.

if its to far there is no real science to this but if its not close to a majority of foundations or walls it will have a different timer.

I place everything on foundation and I make sure what ever im building ties back to my main base somehow so its all on 1 timer

That’s… really weird. But yeah I’m not building huge bases in official everything I had was just a few feet from my hut.

a nice 10x10 sandstone foundation should get you your 2week decay

That nobo tips just hold TAB you Will se whitout hammer:)

While true, Xbox doesn’t have a TAB key ^^

Also, if you “recreate character” anything you have built become permanent. Decay is buggy AF. (might have been fixed recently so take it with a grain of salt)

I had suggested it in different posts and made a dedicated post about:

WE NEED A NEW CLAIM SYSTEM/MECHANIC LIKE THE TOOLCUPBOARD IN RUST, stop being kids “we don’t want to copy other games”, don’t copy, take inspiration!

A bench that once placed it calculate all building blocks connected in an area and activate the claim system, then it calculate “upkeep costs”, so you need to place materials inside to pay the “daily upkeep costs”, when the materials are finished the decay timer start to kick in.

This will fix SO MANY ISSUES, for once the foundation spamming on any game mode, for two it will fix people loggin in just to refresh the decay timer, players will be forced to get back in to farm mats to pay for the upkeep costs.

Please @Ignasi SAY SOMETHING, do you guys aknoledge the problem? We don’t want etas but at least an answer like “no we will never change the claim system” or “yes we are talking internally to change the claim system so everyone chill out we’ll be taking feedback as soon as we finish with current important issues”, thanks dude. (pardon to sound rude)

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Hello @Ghostwolf21 , welcome to the community!

Did you check the decay timer for those placeables with a repair hammer?

When dealing with low tier structures placed in small quantities, the decay timer can be less than 24 hours.

We’d recommend placing everything over several foundations that are connected to each other so that everything shares the same decay timer bonus, including altars and animal pens, and to check out the following video for further information:

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us console players dont have nice things lol

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