Base decayed within timer limit

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2509

Bug Description:

within the timer my base decayed. 4 years gone

Bug Reproduction:

logged in weekly

I’m positive that nothing will be done, no one will comment and if there is a comment, I’ll be told there is nothing to be helped.

Pretty much. Maybe you got reported tho?

reported? I’ve been in the same spot for 4 years? interesting idea. report said I was decayed. which doesn’t match to my refresh time.
thanks for the comment though, because reported is way more interesting then decayed.:relaxed:

You’ll know if you are banned after sever reset. If not yea maybe a decay bug or something

Yeah, we are thinking a decay bug. so discouraging. Oh Funcom.

fingers crossed an answer will be provided soon.

Going to check when I get home from work. My theory is there was so much hoarding they needed the server space and deleted me.

Seems to be a decay bug. Funcom still hasn’t answered and in game help isn’t available.

Probably a timer bug. I have weird timers in my base, most buildings have 336h but some for some reason have 172h and some very small ones (basically 6 triangle foundations with a bracier on top) have like 12h timers on them.

I don´t get it, why has my main building 336h and the small one next to it (like 2 foundations away) has 12h…

Same for the teleports we can build now. If you build one just on normal ground it will decay extremely fast (lost 2 already in 1 day…) but if you put them on foundations they have 172h…

(Official PVE-C #7022)

I have seen this too, and even started rebuilding (before my bases were deleted) to ensure that everything was properly connected. It seems odd to have and early block ‘joined’ to a later block where they are overlapping but not the formal inline connection. It seems the larger items like animal pens or the wheels can benefit from proximity to the larger base structure, but not minor constructions.

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