Animal Pin Decay in 6 hours

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

I currently am having a problem with my reinforced animal pin on official server #2733 PvE Conflict. I currently am trying to own two reinforced animal pins, one in the southern part of the north (Just south of the island at the cords H8) and another one at my base by the Black Galleon. Currently the animal pin at my southern base is working fine and dandy, however my northern one is decaying In 5 hours (completely decaying, not switching to abandond). At first I thought it was because I had more then one animal pin on the map but I see other tribes with 3 or 4 animal pins next to one another and those have been there for weeks. This bug is becoming super agitating because it is making it so I can’t tame any animals for my northern base. I will attach a link in a comment to the screenshot of my event log soon.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1: Unknown

As always placeables like animal pens, wheels of pain, fishing traps etc have a short decay timer if placed directly on the ground. Even if placed on foundations the pen etc may not reach the maximum timer especially if the base is sandstone as it is weighted less to add to decay time … best to check with a repair hammer the decay time on everything you make or place.

If they are placed close enough to a larger structure with a higher decay time often the game recognises them as part of the larger structure and assigns the higher decay time. This is what I suspect is happening to the southern base animal pen … it’s picked up the base decay time. But the animal pen in your more northerly base hasn’t picked up the bases higher timer and it has its own short timer.
If it is not possible to connect the animal pen to the northern base by foundations and/or place the pen on foundations then you might need to build a small house next to it which reaches max decay time and see if the animal pen is recognised by the game as part of that house and gets the higher decay time.

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Interesting… with have to test this when I get on tomorrow. Here is the log as well.

Well thank you for the help, your suggested fix did work

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