Playing Online, Missing Builds!

**Hey ya’ll!!! **
**It is the Queen nice to meet you all. I really enjoy playing Conan Exiles, but online to me is a bit sketchy. This is my 4th time starting over online, every server I have been to, deletes or restarts their servers when they feel like it, as they are entitled to I guess. **

The problem I am having right now is, you have to collect everything alone in Conan which can be a little time consuming and entertaining at the same time, I built a animal pen for my cute little fawns on a cliff over a stream days ago, and now that I am back online after about two days, the animal pen is gone. Can someone tell me what happen to it please it was a lot of resources to craft it? I would appreciate some help, thanks yall in advance and have a great day. #happygamingloves

P.S. I already tried logging on and off! If I have to build it again its fine just tell me what I did wrong so I wont do it again, Thanks again.

Did you put it on foundations?

No I didnt, should I?

Have a look at what the event log recorded when you are next in the area.
If it was placed directly on the ground and not joined to a larger building then it’s likely to have had a short decay timer.
You can check the decay timer for every item you own with a repair hammer in your hand … this I have found is my best way of checking that my new buildings will have maximum decay timers and helps me to ensure I know when I have to revisit smaller outposts. And to ensure that the game has registered me returning to the base to renew the decay timers.
It will also tell you if the “stand alone” placeables you might put on the ground have their own short timer or if the game has recognised them as part of a larger structure and assigned them the higher decay timer. Eg fish traps alone in the water have a short decay, but if can be assigned a close-by buildings timer if the game decides to link them.
Another example: a bonfire and table and chairs directly on the bare ground next to my yog pit section of my base has the high decay timer of the base. Whereas a lesser wheel of pain directly on the ground near another building had its own short timer not the buildings longer timer.

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As Kwalya explained, yes, it would have been better to put it on foundations. Or have it near several foundations (another building).

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Come visit WRYM,S BANE its boosted and my wife loves raising critters. Friendly and we can help you get restarted have not had any crashes also no decay

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Thank you I have to check it out, I dont want to give up to quick on online I want all my moneys worth but every server seems to be letting me down. I’ll check out your server sometime soon, thanks a lot!

Ok I will try because since I posted this I built another pin in a different area and it’s gone and now I am in mourning of my first pet Hyena lol, because she is gone too. She was right outside my house I dont know what’s going on. Her name is not appearing on the feeding pots all my other pets are here.
This is kind of upsetting to keep starting over.

I created a character on this server hadnt got to far yet, this is my first time being a PvP server, I’m waiting for someone to come up and kick my butt! :slight_smile: anyways my character name here will be Kuri Knight, I dont know why but I thought that was a cool name, happy gaming see you later!!!

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