Lost my building, all equipment everything after the patch

I play on PS4 PVP official server #3152.
I had a break for over a weak, when I patched the game and logged in i noticed I lost all my building i worked on for over month. What was left my thralls floating in the air as if they were still in the building, but the rest is gone.

Seriously, it’s a very very bad joke FUNCOM. Can you respond???

Sounds like it decayed, make sure to check your “event log” to see if it was destroyed by another clan

It wasnt destroyed by any other clan or purge.
The items on official server decay after 1,5 week? Are you serious? Where is the official note with such an information to the player? What I did in the game and now lost is the part of product I bought from Funcom. Where is the clear information for the player which says that if i dont log longer than 1,5 week I will loose all my items in the game?? There is no such setting in the server notes?
I feel extremely dissapointed by what has happened.

In one month I am going for 2 weeks vacation with my family. I would like someone from funcom to tell me (if i come back to the game after what happened right now), what should I do not to loose all my progress in the game?

There is a decay timer on your building, you can check it with your repair hammer. It is only 145 hours or something like that

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Hi there,

There is indeed a decay system in the game that will destroy placed structures if you have not logged on in a while. I, unfortunately, cannot find the exact amount of time for structures on official servers.

disregard forgot to quote.

Decay timer is 144 hours. You can use a repair hammer to see this on yours and anyone else’s structure. 144 hours = 6 days. After 6 days your structures will be gone. Crafting stations seem to stick around forever, decorations seem to stick around forever, thralls seem to dance forever 30 feet in the air - as you already noticed.

So if you’re gone for 2 weeks, whatever you make between then and now, will be gone when you come back.

Unless you get in a clan as clanmates will refresh your decay timer by going into your structure.

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