Structures are decaying too soon

This has happened 3 times already. So, I feel I should put it to the community. I have a few structures that are full decay timer (1 week) and i refresh them all everytime im on. Im never off for more than a few days. But recently Ive had structures decaying 3 days after I last was there! Ive even checked the event log to see last time i was on and when it got decayed. Ive already lost my wifes interest in this game, bc of this, once she lost her base this way, which sucked. Just today I went to one of my structures that stops trolls from blocking off the bridge/lake by the Black Keep, and it was demolished! I was there just 4 days ago! A 1 week structure… Ive been at this spot since near launch, so itd hurt to lose my main building (which is quite modest considering how long ive been there) I dont want to just prepare myself to have it all gone in a glitch, bc I fear ill just stop caring about this game. Theres so many other new changes that already lead me that way, but I just hope something can at least be done about this decay issue bc theres really no pattern I can see when this glitch happens.

Im on a PS4 PVEC server.

Thank you.


We have had 2 players say their bases decay within 4 days.
One we helped rebuild, the other quit the game.


Really? So maybe 4 days is the pattern then. That was really cool of you guys to help him rebuild. Conan players are resilient, we can have a thick skin about a lot, but everyone has a limit, I understand your other friend leaving on that note. Ive had so many friends leave bc of first, the Horse combat and then the rest bc of thrall to player damage, and that then being added to PVEC. I still stick around in spite of those things bc occasionally Funcom comes around and fixes bad decisions… But if my main base decayed before it was supposed to, I feel that would be my limit. I hope they get it under control in time. Did your friends make a bug report and/or a forum post?

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It´s a pity you lost your structures. I don´t know what´s going on. Maybe they are not connected properly? I might be mistaken and there is some sort of new bug going on, but I play this game for years now, keeping my buildings on an official PvP server all this time. I did not experience anything like it! Have a look at this: Decay system - sum up maybe you can find any new information about the decay mechanism…

Hey man, I appreciate the attempt to help but its not a lack of decay system knowledge, ive been playing on this server for years and have had these structures for almost as long. Theres something wrong. They werent all connected but they all had their own 1 week timer. And each time I am about to log off, i would do my rounds (Ive only had about 5 structures. 3 have been deleted this way recently).

regrets :slightly_frowning_face: :anguished:

Well my personal experience on this ‘decay issue’
has to do with my map rooms. In the official server i play @Zeb and @Lordgangsta29 was the players that had all the comunity work of the server. But Lord had stop for sometime and he lost everything from decay. So i replaced the map rooms with very fast foundation structures. However though I was visiting them once every 6 days, some map rooms where decaying. So the solution i 've found is to travel on them with a repair hammer and not leave the place until the timers renew. Still for some reason the map room on the frozen lands is always loosing foundations and i cannot understand why :wink:.


As @Halk said: It´s the meteroids. You should find entries in your Eventlog like this: “foundation XY was destroyed by .”. The dot is funcom´s shortcut for the comet-artillery.

The very commonly used spot for maprooms next to the obelisk (red marker) is inside the starmetal spawn area. You better use the spot next to the mountain slope (green marker). A small enough maproom will be secure over there!



Sounds so simple, but this is definetely the pro-tip here! The server does not react immediately and update the timers, sometimes it is more laggy and it may take up to over a minute. Happened to me just yesterday. If you didn´t change the keyboard settings you can also use the TAB-key.


I 've build the map room exactly there. And my dear friend @Halk if I only knew how to send you a photo where the foundations are missing you would laugh, at the beginning I thought it was from the meteor shower, still it looks like (more) a purge destruction than other. But I didn’t see any other structures around to go to the conclusion of a parallel distraction. To the final, it is not a great issue, I can always go and replace or repair :joy::joy::joy:. Still the biggest reason I type messages is because I like to talk to you guys and that was a good reason :wink:.


I always use a repair hammer. I know how buggy the game is, i feel safe to say im a Veteran on this game (PS4) so Im try to tell you r4nd0mGamer, this isnt user error. Im sorry if it seems likes im being too direct here but its important for Funcom to know this isnt the case. Or they wont even look into it.


It´s allright, mate. Since I don´t know you, I just wanted to help exclude any possible mistake. I am not here to say Conan Exiles doesn´t have bugs :joy:


Slowly we become veterans on bugs too​:joy::joy::joy:.


I lost everything in my base in A DAY!!! A DAY without login in in a game!!!

This is a joke. A bad one.

Thralls, everything (except for the fish traps).

So, now what??


I dont even think that is a real word. How about meteors

Well my friend. You are probably right and american. Thank you so much for your wisdom.


The only thing I can do for you is to invite you in my clan, I play official pve American (NY timers) and you are free to use whatever I have. If you are interested tell me to send you details. I already have 2 master bedrooms choose one, take everything you want, I don’t care my home is yours.


Thanks for the invitation, friend. I really appreciate it.

I just want to FUNCOM to think about the decay time better.

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You got the American correct, the Mrs who is an British English teacher and said its a real word.

A meteor must have hit an asteroid


did you chek whit TAB that the time reseted? some times it takes up tp a minit 4 it to reset.