Why won’t this structure decay?

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I play on Official PVE-C server 3829 and a clan built a wall near my base. Well they been gone since December but the walls decay tinier never goes below 167 hours left. Any ideas how to fix it or should I just wait for a update to eventually fix itself??

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What’s the tribe name? I’ve seen people just login to refresh the timers

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Was Adams family. But there main base has been decayed. This is literally just a wall they put near my base. Pretty much stays at 168 hours 24/7

Hate to say it, but I’ve seen structures remain that were close to others maintained structures. Not sure if its a bug but this has been mentioned before. It’s like it’s attached to your timers. Good that you listed it here so they can look into it.

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Had a similar issue with some fish traps and presses left behind when I took over someone’s spot once. Basically it acted the way Huzzah described. I eventually had to blow then up. Issues like that are why I prefer to play on PVP servers.

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That was my problem b4 when I was playing in PVE-C server. It’s a glitch in the game that is making it a part of ur base. Just destroy the part of ur base that is close it & wait for it to decay. Or just play in PVP server like I did which is more fun.

Yep, I’ve seen this before, usually when someone trolls someone else by building very close to them. For some reason, the troll structures will link themselves with the victim’s buildings in terms of decay, which is why it’s always at 168 hours when you are online to check it.

As others have stated, you might be able to demolish enough of your own base that the link is broken, but how big of a hit this will be only you can answer.

Since it’s PVE-C there’s nothing other than hoping to decouple it you can do otherwise.

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback.


Yea what sucks is it’s all tier 3 building materials and it’s right next to my vault room… would take awhile to rebuild but might have to.

If it helps I’m located in Riversend right by the lake

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