Decay system bug?

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Bug?
Region: fertile lands official server 3208

So my tribe are on every day and a couple of the guys logged in today before pvp hours to find our base totalled and that the walls and everything had decayed and then we had been killed by another player as a result…

Can someone explain the decay system because it makes no sense…

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

You got 7 days to footprint from what I understand… Smaller structures or satellite bases may have a shorter decay rate… I usually carry a repair hammer just to check satellite bases when running the map…

But in my experience if it’s foundations are more then 10 tiles then you usually have to log in at minimum once a week

We were logged in less than 24 hours ago for nearly 5hours. That’s why I don’t understand how our base has decayed :joy:

I lost all my gear Saturday, and lost more stuff yesterday the hot fix is destroying stuff and causing no connection issues on the server I’m on got kicked harvesting lost stuff… Got kicked again the next day lost stuff

Like your on and ok then it kicks you log back in it kicks you again empties your inventory like you died and your stuff goes to despawn before you can log back on

This last patch is causing some serious instability problems on official servers
Havnt noticed building decaying but I havnt been able to get on for more then 1-2 minutes at a times

Maybe you got hit with a purge. They can destroy your base

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Purge meter isn’t full. Plus we have specified purge times on the official server and it was outside of those times

I take it I won’t be getting a response as to why our decay timers don’t seem to reset then…

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