Lost Tons of stuff due to Lost Stability

Once again I’ve lost TONS of stuff due to server errors … this time I even lost Improved Alchemy Bench and a T4 Alchemist.

I’d like if I could have back at least those 2.

EDIT: ah, and once again I found Wolf (Cub this time) inside my house (which is closed).
And no, it wasn’t a purge (cause I still have the purge meter at half the bar).

That should be fixed ASAP: NPCs spawning INSIDE bases can cuase serious damage to benches and stuff.

Funcom as far as I know has never reimbursed items lost in game.

Non-purge NPCs cannot damage buildings or placeables.


Yeah Funcom don’t reimburse lost items due to bugs. Sorry but you’ll need to move forward with finding more items to potentially lose to bugs again.

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But they can kill followers. I’ve had a Cimmerian Berserker pop into my base where they had no business getting into. Lost a newbie follower before I realized what was going on.

Correct, but he specifically mentions benches.

So far ive had hostile non purge NPCs spawn inside my base and they only attack me and not the benches.

Nothing to fix here

If you lost a bench and the thrall theres a good chance it was in a decayed state.

Which i found out seems to start 48 hours before your final end time. How do i know? i robbed my neighbour who’s door was in a decay state- took out door- walked in took out closest bench with the thrall. The time from my hammer was 47 hours and counting.

So in reality normal decay timer is 7 days? well you better login before 5 days is up or the timer starts and anyone with a repair hammer will see that.

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