3rd time i lost my half base and the stuff

server crashes and bugged " decay timer" everyday i check my decay timer and its " 350h" yesterday i was away for 5 HOURS and than… its gone everything is gone.

t3 thralls, t3 fundaments, walls, doors

and it was on pve-conflict server.


Not sure if you’ve tried this, but have you looked at your event log in game? Did you build in same place every time?

… i do this already ^^ iam no idiot

the event log is empty ^^


Since it happened after a crash, are you sure it’s not an issue with base structure stability calculations?

I do not like to repeat myself. I checked the decay timer and I was only 5 hours away. the timer stood at 350 hours


Why do people like you post. You don’t really ask a question, just complain, then when people try to be helpful you act like an a*****e to them. You want my recommendation, quit the game and never post here again.


With that additude I really hope you loose more stuff!


Hey people, if you are novice or inexperienced with this game, plz don’t reply to questions.

I do not see any wrong attitude from this guy. He just lost his stuff by lack of Funcom’s ability to stabilize this game. And people here just answered with too obvious novice answers that everyone who has played this game should already know. And telling him about attitude? Dudes, you are the ones who have problem with YOUR attitudes.

And you can’t say it is ‘help’ when you literally just said something very obvious as 1+1=2.


Well this is the only helpful answer I see clearly in this post’s replies.

All other replies seem to just rather be called troll.


Okay then why did he get snarky about repeating himself without addressing a possible stability issue? His base could be breaking due to an unstable design upon reboot yet nowhere has he said he understands this or has a definitely stable design. Yet here you both sit pointing fingers at funcom and acting snarky to people who attempt to help troubleshoot the issue.


how the community today has to become personally intolerable because of a game. if you do not feel like having normal discussions, go on and hang out in your twitch fortnite, pubg and LoL community.
I was just upset that I spent a lot of time and lost a lot. I go to work daily and have little time

so whats ur problems anonymous kids ?


So that’s why you started calling him an 'idiot? That’s very rude. And that’s not the way to continue the conversation.

And the stability issues are very very common issues that every experienced players already know. And you are just another one try to emphasize with something like 1+1=2. Dude, you got a problem with the way of conversation. And I do not see any aggressive word from him, and you are the one who started using aggressive word ‘idiot’ and then calling him ‘snarky’. Just lol

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He does not even know me and does not know what I built LOL

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Word. Including people who ask for help by being obnoxious.


Under the post click 3 dots icon (Show more) > then click flag icon and select off-topic, inappropriate or any other reason to hide posts and submit them for moderation.

Never respond to such attitude, it is pointless.


Guys please keep it civilized and don´t make personal offence


Thing is if it was a stability issue, it would appear in the log as verfailsystem and then the item that disappeared.

The OP, in a rather condescending way mind you, stated that the event log is empty.


looks like a whole snowbank is melting on the forums today

Wow this is very unfortunate man, some times we need to suck it up and move on. I hope it all works out for you.

I tried a PVE-C server myself recently. On the first night, most of my base was destroyed to what I could only assume was an offline purge. It was in the grasslands up north and it decimated my t2 structures, leaving very little behind.